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At Stanton Street Yoga, we understand that Yoga is way more that a mere practice we step on a yoga mat for each day, Yoga is a lifestyle; a way of living that attunes our body and mind so that we can access the deeper realms of reality, our deepest purpose and fulfillment, and ultimately cultivate a relationship to that which is Eternal in this world that is defined by transformation and change. At Stanton Street, we offer Vinyasa based Yoga classes of all levels along with other various specialty yoga classes, workshops, and teacher trainings.  We are located beneath the Sanctuary Guest Suites, an intimate and beautifully designed Bed & Breakfast.

By attending classes and workshops with us, you are supporting community outreach throughout the world! A portion of your payment will always go to a program that aims to give back! Some of these programs include Food For Life, Sandipani Muni School, Care For Cows, and Festival of India.

Here in NYC, we are proud to be such a big part of Food for Life at Tompkins Square Park, a program which helps distrubute pure vegetarian food to the homeless of NYC. We distribute weekly at lunchtime in Tompkins Square Park in the East Village and support this program by directly donating a portion of our studio’s income to Food For Life.

As we transforms ourselves, we transform the world. Thank you again and again for your contribution to our greater family!



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