Lighten Up! 5 day Juice or Kitchari Cleanse

Lighten  Up!  Juice  or  Kitchari  Cleanse

June 26th – July 1st, 2018 w/ Dhyana

October 16th-21st 2018 w/ Syama

Lighten Up! 5 day Juice or Kitchari Cleanse

“Hands down, the most powerful and transformational journey I have been on! I have done many cleanses before, but the integration of the Yoga, wisdom, and nourishment that these girls share touched me (and everyone else) in the most profound and life changing ways. Cleansing has never felt so deep, yet easy and joyful. My life will never be the same.” Angela W., MD
“If you are feeling ready to reset and harness your unique potential, this is the fastest and most effective way that I know.” Suzanne S., Yoga Teacher

“Over the past 4 years, I’ve done the Lighten Up cleanse several times and it has rapidly changed my perspective and literally, lightened me up emotionally, physical, mentally, spiritually. Each time I dive into this journey, I feel like I’m getting closer to my nature, learning my limiting patterns- shedding what I don’t need, and walking away feeling a new sense of potential and possibility in all areas of my life.” Jeanine H., Mental Health Coach

Cleansing Options:

Lighten Up! 5 day Juice or Kitchari CleanseJust Juice Cleanse: By juicing, you give your digestive system  break, while at the same time giving your body all the nutrients it needs. By bypassing the need to digest, the nutrients enter your bloodstream, quickly giving you lots of energy naturally. The energy that would otherwise be used to digest and process food can now focus completely on healing and revitalizing the body. In the absence of solid foods, but with the flood of nutrients from fresh juices, the body cells begin to release the toxins that they were holding on to and replace them with nutrients from fresh juices. This is a time of cleansing where repairs, healing and nourishment take place.

Kitchari Cleanse: Kitchari has long been used to nourish babies and the elderly, the sick and the
healthy, during special times of detox, cleansing, and deep spiritual practice. A simple, porridge-like blend of beans, rice and many healing spices, kitchari is considered in Ayurveda to be a “perfect food”, having many nourishing, kitchhealing, and cleansing benefits. This particular cleanse is based on eating a monodiet of kitchari to support digestion, elimination, and the body’s natural detoxification processes. This regimen supports the physiology by slowing the flood of harmful inputs and by providing the body with an important opportunity to rest, recuperate, and repair itself.

Why Cleanse?

lupThe practice of cleansing is considered a vital part of an Ayuredic lifestyle. It provides an important
means of clearing accumulated waste and toxicity from the mind and the tissues, encouraging optimal health. These days, a periodic cleansing regimen is more vital to our health than ever before. Our bodies are being asked to process a seemingly endless barrage of harmful inputs such as environmental toxins, processed foods, unresolved emotions, and psychological stress. Over time, these stressors can cause toxicity to build up in the system, deposit in the tissues, and compromise our health. A periodic cleanse helps to clear these accumulations from the body and mind, so that we have unobstructed access to our Self.

A cleanse can help to:
Improve digestion and metabolic function.
Promote regular and balanced elimination.
Support the maintenance of a healthy body weight.
Nurture an improved sense of energy, vitality, and enthusiasm for life.
Foster clarity and groundedness in the mental, spiritual, and emotional spheres.
Encourage a balanced sleep cycle.
Promote improved overall health.

Your Trip Includes:

  • 5 nights accommodation at the Ayurveda Health RetreatLighten up 3
  • Two Yoga Classes per day
  • Living Ayurveda Workshop
  • Prema Breathwork
  • 1 Full Pancha-Karma Session (Ayurvedic “Royal Spa Treatment” – Value of $400!)
  • 24 hour use of Infrared Sauna
  • Kayaking trip
  • Just Juice Option: Herbal teas, fresh juice 2x per day, nutrient dense vegetable broth each evening
  • Ayurvedic Kitchari Option: Herbal Teas, Kitchari 2x per day, nutrient dense vegetable broth each evening
  • Triphala (Ayurvedic herb for detoxification and elimination + provides nourishment for the tissues)

*Massages, consultations, therapies, enemas & Ayurvedic sessions available at an extra cost (

Retreat Details


Shared Room: $1090 per person – 6 beds available
Private Room: $1290 per person ($1090 per person if shared) – 2 rooms available


Please fill out this registration form and send with your deposit to reserve your space (details in form).

Please call or email Dhyana with questions: (352)328-8152 /

Please read “What you need to know” section below to prepare for your cleanse

:::Traveling Details:::

Please fly into GNV on Tuesday, June 26th. Orientation will be at 4pm, just before Yoga and an Ayurvedic dinner. Cleansing starts the morning of the 27th.

Please fly out of GNV the morning of July 1st. Checkout is at 11am.
*Airport pick up is $60 round trip. Please notify us and email us your itinerary if you are needing a pick up.

::: What you need to know :::

If you are in the habit of taking caffeine, tobacco products, alcohol, or any recreational drugs on a regular basis, please gradually reduce or eliminate their use in the days leading up to your cleanse. Similarly, reducing your intake of fast foods, processed foods, meat, dairy, refined sugars, and sweets ahead of the start date will be very beneficial.

Please bring:
– Bathing suit – Dry skin brush – Tongue Scraper – Yoga Clothes – A great book – Journal


flower fest

We will be hosting this years cleanse in our hometown of Alachua, FL at the Ayurveda Health Retreat. This area is abundant with crystal clear turquoise water springs, thousands of acres of hiking trails, and the retreat center is conveniently located in the cute and quaint down town area. The Ayurveda Health Retreat is an ideal place to write, read, sleep, rest deeply, receive treatments, nourish and reconnect to yourself.

Example Schedule (from 2016’s retreat):

::: Lighten Up Schedule :::

Friday, June 24th:

4pm: Orientation in Yoga Studio

6pm: Yoga Class

7pm: Ayurvedic Dinner

8:15pm: Kirtan in Yoga Studio


Saturday, June 25th:

7am: Tea, journaling
8am Yoga Class
9:15am: Juice / Kitchari
10:30am: Prema Breathwork

1:30pm: Juice /Kitchari
F R E E  T I M E (Sauna, sessions, resting, springs, reading, journaling, etc.)

4:30pm: Vision Boards

6pm: Yoga Class
7:15 Veggie Broth


Sunday, June 26th:

7am: Tea, journaling
8am Yoga Class
9:15am: Juice / Kitchari
9:45am: Meet in parking lot for the Temple of the Universe

1:30pm: Juice /Kitchari
F R E E  T I M E (Sauna, sessions, resting, reading, journaling, etc.)
6pm: Yoga Class
7:15 Veggie Broth


Monday, June 27th:

7am: Tea, journaling
7:30am ***optional departure for river swim*** meet in Retreat Center parking lot

8am Yoga Class
9:15am: Juice / Kitchari
10am: Intro to Ayurveda // self care (Nasya & Self Abhyanga)

1:30pm: Juice /Kitchari
F R E E  T I M E (Sauna, sessions, resting, reading, journaling, etc.)
6pm: Yoga Class
7:15 Veggie Broth


Tuesday, June 28th:

7am: Tea, journaling
8am Yoga Class
9:15am: Juice / Kitchari
10am: Meet in parking lot for Kayaking trip! & natural body scrub •••

1:30pm: Juice /Kitchari
F R E E  T I M E (Sauna, sessions, springs, resting, reading, journaling, etc.)

5:30pm: Ayurvedic Cooking Class & Dinner

Closing Circle


Wednesday, June 29th:

8am Yoga Class

9am: Breakfast