200 Hour Teacher Training

Stanton  Street  Yoga  &  The  Bhakti  Center’s

200 hr. Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training


“This training was above and beyond anything I could have imagined from a Yoga Teacher Training. It was actually a course in how to live. It not only taught us how to teach but how to deepen our own practice so that we become what we are teaching. I feel confident and inspired to share Yoga and also have a much deeper understanding of myself and my purpose in the world. The guidance, wisdom, technique, and love that is shared through this course is unmatched. I leave here with open eyes, an open heart, and overflowing with joy.” Danielle S.

“This training was a life changing experience for me. I learned more than merely the correct way of doing yoga postures; I learned the very essence of yoga itself.” Jennifer T



Stanton Street Yoga offers four 200 hour teacher training courses per year; three in New York City and one at their Ayurvedic Center in Florida. These courses are designed with you in mind, whether you want an 18 day immersion, or to spread your training out through 4 or 8 months, one of these programs will work for your schedule!

This training will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to become a qualified yoga instructor; more importantly, you will experience life as a yogi. We believe that in order to really share Yoga and transform people’s hearts, we have to have realization through living the yogic values & principles. The training will place emphasis on personal growth, increased body awareness, and will provide you with an understanding of yoga asana & philosophy, bhakti, meditation, pranayama and ayurveda.

“The experience is incredible! It’s like having a community of support around the most important aspects of our life. We laugh and cry, create incredible friendships with the foundation of Yoga holding us; we explore life’s deepest questions with some of the most qualified teachers; teachers not only with knowledge, but real EXPERIENCE through living the life of Yoga. It’s fun! It’s powerful. It’s transformational. It’s most likely one of the most important investments of your life.”



Florida Summer July 2017:

3 week intensive / M0nday-Saturday, July 3rd-23rd

NYC Fall Yoga Teacher Training 2017 / ( Sept- March, 1 weekend per month)

Sept 23rd/24th . October 21st/22nd . Nov 11th/12th . December 9th/10th . January 13th/14th . February 10th/11th . March 10th/11th . March 24th/25th

NYC Winter Yoga Teacher Training 2018 /January – April (2 weekends per month

January 6th/7th . January 13th/14th . February 3rd/4th . February 10th/11th . March 3rd/4th . March 17th/18th . March 31st/April 1st . April 14th/15th

**In addition to scheduled weekends, students are required to meet the first Thursday of every month for Kirtan at The Bhakti Center, 7-9pm  ***


History and Philosophy of YogaphotoBhakti Yoga

Study of the Bhagavad-gita

Kirtan & Chanting

Detailed study of asana (Yogic postures)

Art of Sequencing

Psychology, physiology, and philosophy of the chakra system

Meditation & Pranayama practices

Karma & Reincarnation

Practice teaching

Business of Yoga

Yoga Teacher Ethics


Ayurveda: Yogic Diet and Lifestyle

**Expect homework, personal projects, in-class presentations and karma yoga/service opportunities





*Includes unlimited Yoga at both Yoga @ The Bhakti Center and Stanton Street Yoga throughout your training

First 5 Students $2500 (must be paid in full)

Full Tuition $3200

Scholarships available based on income. Email to inquire about availabilityytt3

For more information or to register for yoga teacher training please write to dhyanamasla@gmail.com or call 352-328-8152.


Your Teachers

10600539_10100604909640045_6146674251691655849_nDhyana Masla. Deeply influenced by, and dedicated to, the Gaudiya Vaishnava Yoga lineage, Dhyana brings the depth of inquisition into her teachings, offering an opportunity for the audience to cultivate intimate relationships with their multi-faceted Humanness while simultaneously taking a step back, a step deeper into the Truth of who and what we really are; beyond the stories and fears, personalities and conditions. She is the co-founder of Stanton Street Yoga in the Lower East Side of Manhattan as well as co-director of Yoga @ The Bhakti Center.

After studying Ayurveda extensively with her father in Florida, Dhyana received her Bachelors degree at Naropa University in Psychology and Traditional Eastern Arts with a focus in Yoga. Born and raised on the path of Bhakti Yoga, she weaves her background of Western Psychology with her experience and knowledge of eastern mysticism to bring a holistic approach to living a balanced, connected, and empowered life.


Syama Masla was raised in a family of yogis and teaches yoga and Ayurveda in the city. She loves art 971905_3270524859737_302132676_nand graceful movements. She loves animals and has been a lifelong vegetarian.Syama is a Bhakti Yogini who loves her teachers Radhanath Swami and Srila Prabhupada. She would have never imagined herself living in NYC fl retreatfor more then one year, but now finds it is one of the best places to practice the yoga of going within. “In a place like NYC our awareness is constantly being pulled out. Our mind goes to the cute shoes in the window, the smell of pizza or ice cream on the streets, Fb pages & emails…. our practice is to take that same energy that is so often going out and redirect it inward. In this city we can go outside and try to find happiness. We can watch 1000 movies or shows and eat at a new restaurant every night, though this will never truly satisfy the soul. The soul is searching for real and eternal happiness and this can only be found when re establishing our relationship with the Supreme. Yoga is re establishing that relationship.”



480327_750958727491_783728658_nBud is specially trained to offer Ayurveda to the western mind and body, Bud is a fine tuned specialist in assisting the removal of stress from one’s body, mind, and life. Trained in an ancient master disciple lineage from India, Bud has become an expert practitioner in one of the world’s most powerful stress eliminating sciences, Marma Therapy.




65142_10100633786081425_4488499267982124131_nJai Giridhari is married to Syama. Raised in the U.P. of Michigan. It wasn’t until I lived in the U.P. (Utter Pradesh) of India that I understood my calling. A Yoga teacher and a preacher! My whole life I’d been looking for a cause, something to believe in. Years of collegiate sports tuned my body but left my heart feeling empty. Years of Theater Trained my mind, but made me wonder who I really was. Years of Healing Arts stabilized my lifestyle but my heart still yearned for more. So I decided to become a monk!….Enter my trip to The U.P. of India. Staying in the monasteries my heart was satisfied, my mind at peace, my body lost some weight, but my purpose was clear…. Share these wonderful teachings!…Blessed by so many wonderful teachers such as HH Radhanath Swami and a few close mentors, I aspire to live a simple life with high thinking. I’m grateful to share their wisdom in a most accessible way.



216948_1053482182602_2638_nKaustubha Das serves as Senior Educator & Creative Director of The Bhakti Center. Between the ages of 21 and 34 he lived as a Hindu monk, traveling and studying in ashrams in India and America. He teaches bhakti-yoga philosophy and meditation, which he has practiced for over twenty-five years in the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition. Kaustubha Das was initiated as a Vaishnava brahmana (teacher/priest) in 1990. He also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for The Broome Street Temple.



11146203_10100814464774875_7534085942818721454_nGhanashyam lived in the Bhakti Center as a monk for 13 years, completely dedicated to diving deeply into the teachings and living the Yogic path. He teaches by example and has deep, deep realization of the vedic texts.





10882123_10155141599450179_7159539985719806924_nPandit is an author, meditation teacher, inspirational speaker, and lecturer at Columbia University. He has spoken at a TEDx conference and has been featured on PBS, NPR, NY Times, and writes for the Huffington Post. In his book, Urban Monk: Exploring Karma, Consciousness and the Divine, Pandit writes about how he learned to deal with and overcome the loss of his family’s multi-million dollar fortunes that left him and his family with next to nothing. These life experiences have given Pandit profound insight into the human experience.
Pandit uses his life experience and decades of in-depth studies to assist people in overcoming the various stress factors in their own lives. The medical field now knows that stress leads to anxiety, insomnia, muscle tension, high blood pressure, and anger. Pandit’s unique approach applies Eastern wisdom and meditation techniques to help the audience gain deeper insight into their mind and understand the reasons we becomes stressed, anxious, and angry.


11053637_10100833573411015_8126504185651265862_nBhakti Lata Dasi was born and raised in the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition of bhakti-yoga. She is one the Bhakti Center’s finest kirtan singers and is expert at classical Indian dance as well