What our students say


“The Sanctuary is truly a sanctuary. I have stayed in some swank NYC hotels but this is the best true restful, healing,practical and inspirational experience that I have ever had in NYC. I am a yoga teacher and so perhaps the deep sleep (no noise carry over), fresh air from the private balcony, healing ambiance and practical full kitchen not to mention a real yoga studio downstairs (Stanton Street Yoga) made a difference! The owners and the staff really live the caring environment they create and can book amazing ayurvedic massages (right in your room) and truly grounding ayurvedic food (delivered in three-tiered tiffins to your room or downstairs in the cafe) to make your stay really rejuvenating. The rooms are big and elegant. They have on-going workshops at their studio and it is even available to rent out for guests and private parties. The Sanctuary does all this while being hip (great playlist going on in the Lobby) and fun. Whether you are a yoga practitioners or just appreciate a really rejuvenating rest in the city – this is the spot. For a luxury typical experience of a NYC hotel you can pay much higher rates to have that experience. We will be back for sure and I don’t care where I am working or playing in NYC – it will be worth the cab ride from Sanctuary @ Stanton!”  -Shiva Rea (after staying at Sanctuary NYC)

“An oasis of serenity in Manhattan. The yoga classes are excellent with teachers who are heartfelt and genuine. I am truly grateful to have discovered this place before it gets inevitably mobbed. It is one of a kind and such a haven from the craziness of the city. Thank you for making this wonderful space!”

“This is a very special place with an offering that you simply will not find at any other yoga studio. Steeped in bhakti, the essence of the space is Divine and has the ability to help any visitor find relief and support in the wild city of NY…” -Antonia Dunbar

“As a doctoral candidate and future health professional I am a huge advocate of the numerous clinical studies that have proven yoga to be effective in improving flexibility, increasing muscle strength, and even boosting aerobic capacity. Syama Masla incorporates these physiologic benefits into her yoga classes but goes a step further by utilizing the teachings of Ayurveda that add more holistic rewards to affect a person’s overall well-being. I have had nothing short of extraordinary experiences in Syama’s classes and always leave with a greater sense of perspective than when I arrived.” -Gaura Mehta

I have loved every class I’ve taken at this studio, I can’t wait to get back there. The atmosphere is very calm and friendly. The classes were challenging and supportive, everything I am looking for in a yoga studio. All of the instructors were different, yet there is a cohesion which I find comforting. Great, great place. -Nora B

I went to Stanton Street Yoga for the first time about two months ago and it’s hands-down one of the best yoga experiences I have ever had.  It’s apparent that all of the instructors are truly committed to yoga in mind, body, and spirit but anyone can feel comfortable in this class, whether you’re just starting out or have been practicing for years. I must admit that I’ve had most of my classes with Dhyana, but it’s because she’s amazing, her classes are the perfect balance between strenuous and relaxing, and she has the most soothing voice, it’s just an all-around great class.  I have recommended it to everyone I know (although I secretly want to keep this place a secret so the classes can stay small and intimate). Definitely go to stanton street yoga! -Melanie S.
This is one of the most genuine yoga studios I have been to in NYC. There is no nonsense “mat rental” fees or any nickel&dime stuff like that–just a pure desire to share and serve the community through the practice of yoga. The space is truly a sanctuary both due to the physical beauty and the welcoming and nurturing nature of Syama and Dhyana–the sisters who run the studio. The classes vary in physical intensity, making Stanton Street appropriate for students of all levels. Most importantly, the classes incorporate the multifaceted nature of yoga as a practice of mind, body, and soul. I love that the teaching is heart-centered and encourages feeling and expression. Definitely worth the trip east of Clinton street! -Lauren H
Stanton Street Yoga is truly a gem in this hectic city. I always feel so refreshed and balanced after each class. The teachers here are dedicated to helping each student reach their full potential– mentally, physically, and spirtually. I’ve taken numerous yoga classes. This is a true experience. -Kristin B