Our Mission

Stanton Street Yoga is a healing sanctuary & Yoga community in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Placing emphasis on personal growth and empowerment, our classes, workshops, and trainings facilitate environments where you can wake up to your true Self, your soul purpose, and an inner happiness that isn’t swayed by the external circumstance.

Our intention is to build a community rooted in the deepest spiritual principles so that we can have a vibrant experience of wellness; mind, body, & soul.

C o m m u n i t y

We thrive in Community. We actually need it in order to evolve. This is a community of soul seekers. A community where you are completely accepted as you are and invited to go deeper.

S p i r i t u a l i t y

We know that yoga is more than physical shapes we come into for an hour each day. Yoga is a lifestyle; it’s is a path and a process towards Self realization, and eventually God. We hope to share the deeper teachings of yoga in a way that is practical and easily applied. Strength and flexibility are wonderful, though without tapping into the deeper realms of the soul, we won’t find a happiness that lasts beyond the inevitable changing circumstances. Happiness. It’s what we’re really looking for.

W e l l n e s s : mind/body/soul

If our body is strong but our mind is weak, we wont be experiencing happiness. If our body and mind are strong, but we don’t have a connection to our true purpose, we won’t feel satisfied. Total wellness must encompass wellness in the body, steadiness in the mind, and a connection to the deeper current of the soul.