Yoga 101

Yoga 101

Saturday, May 20th: 1:30-3:30pm w/ Ella

Sunday, July 16th:  2:00-4:00pm w/ Ira

Sunday, September 17th:  2:00-4:00pm w/ Ira


Have you wondered what yoga really means, and how to perfect your basic poses and breathing techniques? In this 2-hour workshop new students can learn and seasoned students can master the basics of a modern yoga practice in a safe, supportive environment.

We will talk about the fundamentals of yoga, demonstrate and practice a variety of common yogic breath work, and walk through the most common poses while emphasizing proper alignment, self-adjustments, and benefits. Expect to leave this workshop with a solid overview and understanding of the practice of yoga. We will also leave time at the end for any questions that you may have!

This workshop is appropriate for all levels, whether you are a newbie looking for guidance, or a yogi wanting to get back to the basics. All are welcome and encouraged!

This series includes:
• brief background on what yoga is
• common and simple breathing exercises
• foundational postures and how to adapt them to your needs
• how linked postures work together
• how to modify postures uniquely to your body

Price: $40 per person advance ($45 walk-in)

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