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With Doyal Gauranga Das

Saturday, October 28th: 6-8pm

Saturday, November 18th: 6-8pm

Saturday, December 2nd: 6-8pm

(Note: Menu changes for each workshop)

“Last night I cooked my very first devotional dinner out of pure love, offered to God, and made for the ones I love. I never thought I would be able to do this, and enjoy doing it! I prayed that He would give me the taste for cooking, and it’s happening. Thank you to the Conscious Cooking classes for these incredibly tasty recipes. I am so so so happy!!!!! And it all tasted so good!!! I couldn’t believe it!!” -Athena B.

Pre-registration Necessary $65 per class

First 4 registrations for $55!!

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Conscious Cooking with Doyal Gauranga Das invites you to explore how food not only sustains us physically, but also nourishes us spiritually.

The Latin roots of the word companion are: com – ‘together with’ + panis ‘bread,’ literally meaning that to share food itself is an act of community. In the tradition of Bhakti, one of the ways to express love for one another is to give and receive prasadam, food that is first offered with devotion and gratitude to the Supreme. Doyal has been devoted to the tradition of Bhakti for over 12 years, most of which he lived as monk with a main service of cooking daily for the community and heading up major festival feasts.

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Classes Include:
– Two hours of hands on cooking in our private kitchen and dining space + shared meal afterwards of what we cook
– Lessons and discussion about the importance of mindfulness in our diet and how we approach food
– Guidance and instruction from Doyal Gauranga
– Hands-on cooking lesson with lots of opportunity for participation
– Open questions welcome
– Printed recipe handouts

Here’s what you’ll learn:
Personal Attunement: You are What You Eat – old adage, but carries tangible truth. As we learn more about how consciousness follows matter, that statement becomes truer than we probably ever realized. Everything from our moods and attitudes to our energy levels and physical state is intricately linked to our daily diet.

Community in Culture: Life flows from our relationships – As we all share the same need for food and nutrition, we also share the same needs for purpose and community. In cultures all over the world, the most meaningful exchanges and relationships are cultivated through community. Cooking and eating together is often the stage for this profound sense of connection.

Spiritual Connection: Conscious Cooking and Mindful Eating –at a root level, all of our actions are made with some sort of intention. Yoga is meant to link our true self with the Divine with a conscious intention behind everything we do. When we transform a habituated activity such as cooking and eating into a offering of devotion, we are not only connected with our source, but nourished deeply in body, mind and spirit.

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CANCELATION POLICY: We do not issue any refunds, however we will gladly accept a name transfer if you would like to fill your slot for the class with a friend, family member or colleague. If you are unable to attend due to sickness, we can offer you a future class at half price.

About Doyal


David Bartolone has been practicing bhakti yoga for 14 years and was a monk for nearly 10 of them, living in ashrams on both the west and east coast. In 2006 he took formal initiations from his spiritual teacher, Radhanath Swami, and was given the name Doyal Gauranga das. While studying and staying in a Laguna Beach temple he learned the art of devotional cooking which was then further refined as his monastic life led him to The Bhakti Center, in the heart of the lower east side of Manhattan.

Doyal has been a regular event chef at The Bhakti Center and has cooked for numerous weddings, retreats and yoga teacher trainings. He currently serves on the Executive Management team of The Bhakti Center and continues to cater, teach bhakti philosophy and vegetarian cooking classes in and around the NYC area. In 2013 Doyal shifted out of his monastic life and is now married and lives with his wife in Brooklyn.