Flow & Restore

Flow & Restore


with Pepper Monroe + Dhyana Masla

Friday November, 4th – 6:30pm to 8:30pm

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Yoga teaches us that stuck or stagnant energy is the root cause of all dis-ease; mental, physical, or emotional. Traditionally, asana (or the physical practice) is meant to unwind and release this energy, restoring balance and vitality to the mind, body and soul.

Join Pepper and Dhyana of Stanton Street Yoga for a delightful afternoon of community and enjoyment. Together they offer two sweet hours of deep nourishment, an opportunity to intimately explore the polarities of movement and stillness, and ways to presently experience the balance between the two with effort and ease. A classic and elegant combination of form and renewal.

Dhyana will guide us through an hour of
f l o w , exploring the fusion of breath, consciousness, and movement.

Pepper will take us into a restful state of integration and restoration with a thoughtful restorative yoga practice. She works with Reiki, sacred feather clearing and subtle sound to soothe the heart, relieve the nervous system and lighten the personality of lingering toxins and negativity.

Please sign up online, as space is limited.

All levels welcome

About Pepper


Pepper is an intuitive healer, a nurturing believer, and a compassionate creator. The environment she creates is warm, welcoming and super supportive. She takes you to the depths of your internal guidance and speaks in a language that truly resonates on a soul level. Pepper is a Breathwork teacher, Reiki practitioner and yoga instructor. She has practiced the healing arts for over 15 years and has studied with some of the world’s leading masters. Her private classes, workshops and training’s encourage spirit seekers toward creativity and self-discovery with ways to approach their life with generosity and an open heart.
Pepper works with people all over the world, traveling and leading healing retreats. She loves spending time among the trees, practicing the vintage art of hand lettering, digging in the dirt and smelling salty air. Pepper’s private practice is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and Hudson Valley, NY.

About Dhyana


Raised on the path of Bhakti Yoga, Dhyana brings the depth of inquisition into her classes, offering opportunities to cultivate relationships with our multi-faceted humanness while simultaneously taking a step back, a step deeper into the truth of who we really are; beyond the stories, the fears, and the limitations; thus awakening to our balanced, joyful, and fearless nature.
Holding a deep understanding of the nature of the mind and its relationship to the Self, her classes combine non-sectarian yoga philosophy with an integrated experience, sharing timeless Truths in an easy-to-apply and accessible way.

After years of studing Ayurveda and multiple Yoga trainings, Dhyana received her Bachelors degree at Naropa University in Psychology and Yoga. In 2011, Dhyana and her sister, Syama, moved to New York City to open Stanton Street Yoga and just two years later, launched the yoga program at The Bhakti Center, a yoga cultural center in the east village.

She is a student of Radhanath Swami, dedicated to living and sharing the path of Bhakti Yoga; a path, practice and lifestyle that connects us back to our True Nature and eternally loving relationship with divinity through devotion and service.

Based in New York City, she offers trainings, pilgrimages, workshops and retreats around the world.