::: Women’s Circle :::

Monthly Women’s Circle

With Lauren Hemley


Saturday, October 28th

Saturday, November 18th

Saturday, December 16th

It has been demonstrated time and time again that women who are part of a community of other women feel happier and healthier.

 The intention is to create a space to be together; be heard and felt, and build deeper relationships. It is a celebration of renewal for women, by women; a sacred time to reflect and set intentions for the month ahead. Within the circle, we  u n i t e  to empower our voices, enhance our courage, reinforce our compassion, and connect with our wisdom.

:::Gathering with women releases oxytocin:::
Oxytocin is a woman’s natural de-stress hormone. It helps us relax, lowers blood pressure, has anti-anxiety effects, and promotes healing.
Bring your girlfriends, sisters, mothers, and grandmothers. All women welcome!

This series includes:
• Sharing (freely or around a topic)
• (guided) meditation/visualizationunnamed
• pranayama (breathwork)
• movement
…..and more! Our gatherings will evolve based on the interests of the collective.Donation based. Please come if you feel called. Participate to the degree you want (sharing is always optional).

::Please sign up HERE then click “workshops” so that we know how many women to expect::


Lauren Hemley


Lauren first connected with yoga in a class she took in college. There she learned about the physical as well as spiritual aspects of yoga and how to apply this ancient wisdom to all areas of life. This amazing teacher and class have shaped her subsequent practice and study of yoga. Yoga has inspired a greater mind-body awareness and as a result a sense of connectivity with the global community. Establishing a mind-body connection has helped Lauren to pursue a healthy lifestyle and made her feel vibrant and joyful. For her, feeling connected with body and spirit opens up a sense of commonality among all people and thus a desire to share love. Lauren feels that yoga is about self love and as a result the capacity to share love with others. Lauren has practiced yoga at countess studios in the US and while she was living abroad in Cairo. She loves to experience different styles and different yoga communities. Cairo was an amazing place to practice yoga because the pursuit of a quiet, serene space in a chaotic city is an incredible task. New York City is similar in this respect, and Stanton Street Yoga has become her sanctuary here. She feels that it is important for people, especially in an urban context, to have a safe space where they can go to express themselves and heal. Lauren intends to create this space for people in her classes and use movement to open them to experiencing their authentic self. In addition to teaching yoga, Lauren is pursuing a Masters degree in Public Health Nutrition at NYU.